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Anyone got any Veras?
unloved zzr 6
Police bike gone bad
KLX revival
AL the bandit
Moto Martin
Little Baby Nothing.....
Not a boy band honda
Project Epimetheus
gs 750 with a twist (modern bits a plenty)
FZ750 Filthy Sausage
Clit van
The Harley Build Part 1
divsters asbo
- Bitsa - Suzuki GS/KwakaZX10B
Honda CA125 rebel 'bobber'
Got me a Pick-Up
Totally awesome T4 maaaan
Project: Birdshit
ntv revere
Trench Wench jnr zxr750 dirt fighter/dragger
Scarface Flying V
FZR 1000 Genesis
New (to me) VW Trike...
do you remember this one ebay mixer no 1
hairy aircooled gsx1100 beast could be
SV build project
my proper shattyratter
kevs cb650
Rat is coming back
Honda CB9/ Bandit 12 turbo...
Nothing special
V F arrrrggghhhh fighter project
Bandit 6 project
NEW PROJECT TIME! .......... Vmax turbo project :)
Team Sausage and Egg (mbr build off)
GS500 Pendine
ASBO reborn
maybe resurected
xj600 heap o shart
New winter project
RF900 project
Old school freestyle BMX build
Previous projects and builds as requested :)
Trackers on the road
MK2 Golf GTI
busa ash spondon ish gsxr 1000 k2
2001 ZX-6R Streetfighter
Project B12
Suzuki Katana 7/14 Turbo
Project scruffy..
Slow motion
number 2
My Blade so far.!!
HD Hard tail.
project trench wench gsx1100g sand dragger
New Tracker and guess the tank Competition
Yamaha XV1000 "Viagra" Bobber/chop/custom/thingy
my 2
MBS's (Tony's) Bandit 1200 on a budget.
my 1400 fighter and on going build
Mini me project
MBS's (Tony's) Cheap and nasty GSX1400 .......
MBS's (Tony's) Ugly Busa / Naked Busa / Bitsa-Busa
Trike Project...
Project GPzX7R..
Brit crap
Bandit Rat Fighter
Not a bike - zombie hunter Delica
Emmas GSX250
Trevs ZXR750
Gsxr Transmog
The Birds Slabby 750
GSF600 Bunt Hardtail Build
Swampy - ZZR knobbly chonker
9R Fighter
busa ash e blag mixer 2
KLX 250
my gixxer 600 k2
divsters "warthog"
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